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Wisconsin law doesn’t cover infertility services, making it costly for patients struggling to conceive

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21 states have fertility insurance coverage laws. In the Midwest, Illinois is a harbor and an outlier.

When Kathy Waligora learned she was pregnant in November 2018, she started imagining what it would be like to be a mom. But at her eight-week appointment, the nurse couldn’t find a heartbeat. Waligora was having a miscarriage.

She and her husband continued trying to get pregnant but had little luck for nearly a year after her miscarriage. Not wanting to give up on building a family, they looked to fertility treatment. But Wisconsin’s lack of insurance coverage for infertility services made the path forward complicated.

“Being stuck for four years — in this suspended reality of trying to be pregnant, trying to stay pregnant, trying to navigate expensive fertility treatments — it would be impossible not to consider what your life is like without children,” she said.

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