Your Employer and Your Options

When someone is faced with infertility or has barriers to building a family, often added to the emotional and physical burdens is a financial burden of paying for the out of pocket  costs for medical treatments.

Workplace Coverage Checklist

Use this handy checklist to contact your HR department to request insurance coverage for fertility treatments.

Health Insurance 101

What is public vs. private insurance? What is a mandate to cover vs. a mandate to offer? And what is ERISA? Understand the ins and outs of health insurance coverage.

Insurance Coverage Facts

Recent studies indicate that including comprehensive infertility coverage in insurance benefits may actually reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Sample Letter to Employers

According to a recent survey, 65% of employers who provide infertility coverage said they do so because they were asked by an employee. Write a letter to your employer and request insurance coverage for infertility treatment.

Employers and Evidence-Based Infertility Benefits: A Guide For Making Informed Decisions

Employers are finding that providing access to evidence-based infertility care has benefits in addition to employee satisfaction. For many employers, providing infertility coverage not only helps create a family-friendly image for the public, but helps attract top talent from employers that do not provide such coverage. The recent announcements of technology companies like Facebook and Apple competing for employees using impressive benefits packages are cases in point.

Health Insurance by State

Currently only 15 states require insurance coverage for infertiltiy treatment, and laws vary widely. Learn which states offer coverage, and what is included and what is excluded.

Get Inspired: Here 

Learn how you can get insurance coverage like Katie did.