Use this handy workplace fertility insurance checklist to contact your HR department to request insurance coverage for fertility treatments.

Human Resources/Benefits: Contact Name(s)
Human Resources/Benefits: Email
Human Resources/Benefits: Address
Human Resources/Benefits: Phone Number
Determine the type of coverage plan you currently have:(Fully-Insured, Self-Insured, Government/Military Coverage)Read more about your employer and your options here
Search your State to decide if they have a mandateRead more about state required fertility insurance coverage here
Identify who the decision makers are regarding your benefits plan in your company.You can find this by contacting your Human Resources/Benefits department
Ready to advocate with your employer? Download RESOLVE’s Coverage at Work toolkit for the tools and resources to get you started.Download the Employee Coverage at Work toolkit
Need support?Schedule a call with our Coverage at Work manager for extra support in making your case. Email her at
Make the askAnd follow up!
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