Employers and Evidence-Based Infertility Benefits: A Guide for Making Informed Decisions

Employers are finding that providing access to evidence-based infertility care has benefits in addition to employee satisfaction. For many employers, providing infertility coverage not only helps create a family-friendly image for the public, but helps attract top talent from employers that do not provide such coverage. The recent announcements of technology companies like Facebook and Apple competing for employees using impressive benefits packages are cases in point, as more and more companies recognize the value of providing infertility coverage.

A 2016 online consumer survey of more than 700 employees needing IVF found that those with employer-provided infertility/IVF health insurance had higher satisfaction with their employer along a variety of important measures.

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Insurance Coverage Facts

Recent studies indicate that including comprehensive infertility coverage in insurance benefits may actually reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Number of Infertile by State

State totals of Women with Impaired Fecundity. Based on data released in 2013, RESOLVE has calculated the state-by-state totals of all women of reproductive age who have trouble getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to live birth.