1 in 8 couples experience an infertility diagnosis, so the chances are, you may have many employees that are greatly impacted by this disease. You (the employer) have probably received requests from your hard working employees to expand fertility coverage in your benefits package or you are researching the facts on whether to make changes to your organization’s health insurance plan. They (your employees) would like to work for a pro-family company and have access to coverage for reproductive medical treatment. We (RESOLVE) have a tool kit and host of resources you’ll need to review the hard facts. So let’s combine our forces!

In some cases, employers are not aware of a gap in their insurance coverage until an employee has advocated to change it, so kudos to you for listening and advocating for them. We have seen many companies add this coverage to their benefits package and NOT experience an increase in cost as a result of providing this coverage.

Let’s get the hard facts in your hands! To help employers have access to researched, fact- based information, below you will find the Work Coverage Resource Hub specifically designed for employers.