IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of February 2021, our team is proud to announce RESOLVE’s Model Benefits for Fertility Treatments, including IVF and Fertility Preservation. This new resource has been vetted by healthcare providers, human resource professionals, and payers because we know that most employers want as much validated information as possible before making a decision.

These Model Benefits are part of our Employer Toolkit. Fill out the form to download the Employer Toolkit or forward this link to your employer to download and review themselves.

Change can happen … if you ask.

If your family building options are not covered through your employer’s healthcare plan or other employee benefits, why don’t you ask for that to change? Tell your company that you are seeking fertility insurance coverage benefits at work.

Many employers appreciate and welcome input from their employees pertaining to their lives outside the workplace. By understanding the needs of their employees, employers can make better, more educated decisions. It is important that your company realizes that you are seeking fertility insurance coverage benefits at work. It all begins with making the initial ask.

Why you? Because in this moment, no one cares more about this issue than you. And the most powerful change starts at the grassroots level. Plus, you won’t be doing this alone. RESOLVE has the information, tools, and support to help you via our Coverage at Work program.

By simply raising awareness of a gap in employee benefits, you can begin the process for better pro-family benefits for you and your entire organization. RESOLVE has seen many employees ask for coverage, present the facts to their employers, and win.

It takes that someone (maybe you!) to be the conduit of information for their employer to open the door to an active conversation. Click on the image below to visit the Coverage at Work Employee Resource Hub.