Navigating benefits as a union member can be difficult, but there are multiple ways for you to begin the process of requesting new or expanded family building benefits.

RESOLVE is here with a few tips successfully used by union members to secure better benefits.

You don’t need to be a collective bargaining expert to figure out where to start

The process of collective bargaining for benefits for members of your union is undoubtedly daunting. But you don’t need to be an expert to start the process and make the ask.

RESOLVE recommends consulting your Union’s benefits booklet first. Take a look at the benefits structure and familiarize yourself with the union’s trust before considering bargaining. Putting in the request to your union’s trust could allow you to skip the collective bargaining process altogether. The trust typically makes these decisions and can directly request that family building benefits be added to the plan for you and your fellow union members.

There is strength in numbers

While many Coverage at Work advocates are individuals who ask their employers for benefits, we know that unions are based on strong organizing. Involving other members of your union in making the ask can strengthen the argument and show decision makers just how many of their members are being impacted.

RESOLVE is here to help, so contact us if you would like to organize a group call to discuss what strategy might work best for your organization and how to present the best united front. We’ll work with you to create a template request from your group as a whole and support you every step of the way!

Even if you make the ask yourself, you’re not alone

If you feel a single request will suffice in getting the ball rolling, we are all for that, too. You still don’t have to go through this process alone. RESOLVE staff and volunteers with specific union experience are here to help you create a plan of action, submit your request, and navigate the unique structure of your union.

Ready to get started?

Making this ask is all about strategy and it will be different for everyone. Whether you are ready to submit a request on your own or you want to make the ask with your fellow union members, we’re ready to help.

Schedule a time for an initial call to get started and plan your strategy with RESOLVE by emailing