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We’re scared. But prepared.

Right now, many of us are scared. We understand there is real fear that our right to build our family is in real danger. RESOLVE is very aware of the impact that overturning Roe v. Wade could have on the infertility patient and those who need access to medical treatment to build their family. We know what could happen, because for years we’ve seen lawmakers introduce anti-abortion bills that either intentionally or unintentionally restrict access to IVF. It’s called Personhood, and we’ve been fighting it since 2008.

RESOLVE fights for women’s health priorities every day and reaffirms that only the woman and her physician should decide the best course of treatment for her and condemns any efforts to interfere with or override that relationship.

RESOLVE is moving quickly on creating accurate information we can share about how our community is impacted by the likely overturning of Roe v Wade. We’re creating ways to mobilize and educate our advocates on these developing issues. And as always, we remain diligent in analyzing every bill introduced at the state and federal levels that touches our community.

We appreciate those that have reached out to RESOLVE asking for information, direction, and how they can help. We see an opportunity to ensure that our community understands what Personhood is, its impact, and how to fight it. This is education and training that RESOLVE is committed to providing. Our fear is that overturning Roe v Wade could give the “green light” to state legislatures to introduce even more restrictive abortion bills that include Personhood or other details that impact the creation of embryos or that put a woman’s health at risk.

We’ve also had people ask about states with “Trigger Laws” and if they impact access to IVF. At this time, we do not have any indication that they would, but we continue to work with law experts and collaborate closely with physicians in those states to do everything we can to ensure access to care remains available. We know there is concern about the laws in MO and we’re working with experts to determine next steps.

We know you are concerned and want to do something. Your passion in raising your voice has already given millions of people the access to care they need and deserve through increased insurance coverage. We now need to come together and raise our voices to ensure that every person has the legal right to access that care in every state. If you are not signed up for the RESOLVE Advocacy Network (RAN), now would be good time to do that.

RESOLVE believes nothing should come between you and your right to build your family.

Thank you for standing with us as we closely monitor the ever-changing environment. We know with our community of advocates we’ll be ready to lead the fight to preserve access to family building options. We’ll continue to communicate via social media and email. We urge you to join our RESOLVE Advocacy Network for the most update information and ways you can take action.