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‘This journey is hard and it sucks’ | The emotionally draining path to parenthood

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One in six couples throughout the world experience some form of infertility. The struggle is mentally exhausting, expensive, and for many, it’s personal.

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Growing up, we all dream of where we will be as adults — careers, where we’ll live, when we’ll get married, and how many kids we hope to have.

For millions of couples, the seemingly simple plan to start a family can become an emotional journey with twists and turns few would ever dream of.

“Five years ago, I would’ve never thought we would be where we are. Every year, every holiday, every family vacation, every milestone you go through and you think in your mind that next year will be different,” Samantha Crews said.

“Every year when we go to the beach, next year is going to be different. We will have our own child next year. It’s been five years and it’s never been different. “

Awareness about infertility has increased over the last several years.

Everyone’s infertility journey is also different.

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