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The right to IVF isn’t guaranteed – or affordable. Congress has a chance to change that.

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The emotional anguish of trying – and failing – to get pregnant is heartbreaking. We need the federal government to make it easier for people to navigate this fraught and uncertain time.

In 2022, nearly 92,000 babies were born in the United States thanks to in vitro fertilization (IVF). These babies have brought incalculable joy to their families. Some of them were born to parents who were diagnosed with infertility or cancer survivors unable to conceive after chemotherapy. Others are the dreams of LGBTQ+ parents who would have no other way of having their own biological children. All of them are miracles of science and the fulfillment of their parents’ hopes and prayers.

While every single American should have access to IVF, this life-changing medical care has remained out of reach for millions. This could change dramatically with the “Right to IVF” legislation introduced in the Senate this month. It would establish a statutory right for patients to access IVF, require more insurance providers to cover fertility care, and ensure our service members and veterans have access to this treatment.

For the 85% of American adults who support family building through in vitro fertilization, this legislation is a lifeline to help millions of families have a baby and end this war on family building.

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