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The Male Impact on Pregnancy Loss

Featured Panelists: Dr. Peter Schlegel, Weill Cornell, Demitri Wilson, Co-Founder of Kennedy’s Angel Gowns, Megan Hanson, Co-Founder of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Association, and moderated by RESOLVE Chief External Affairs Officer, Rebecca Flick

We had a great conversation today about the personal effects that pregnancy loss can have, especially on men. The devastating effects of these losses are often far-reaching, but we sometimes forget to consider how men are included in the equation. Our three exceptional panelists shed some light on how male factor infertility diagnosis can play a role in recurrent pregnancy loss, as well as how pregnancy and infant loss can impact different areas of people’s lives.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and we took this opportunity to tackle some important questions related to miscarriages and other types of losses, specifically from the men’s perspective. Tune in and listen to what our three panelists had to say about male infertility and the wide-ranging effects that miscarriage and loss have in our communities. Join the conversation and spread awareness to help bring other people’s stories of loss to light.

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