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The Holidays Can Be Heartbreaking For Those Dealing With Pregnancy Loss and Infertility

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How to support a loved one during what may not be the most wonderful time of year for everyone.

I should be six months pregnant this Christmas. But, I had a miscarriage back in August. So, I’m not. It’s tough because I’d pictured what this season would look like with a baby on the way—all the excitement, the joy, anticipation, the discomfort. Instead, I’m just sad. Really sad—especially since I just got my period, so, there’s no new surprise Christmas miracle on the way.

The holidays are tough for a lot of people who are dealing with pregnancy loss and challenges conceiving. This time of year can be especially isolating when those around us are seemingly joyful, happily shopping, baking, and reveling at festive get-togethers from mid-December through the New Year.

“The holiday season may actually be for everyone, but it is catered and rooted primarily towards children,” says Chandra C. Shenoy, MD, an assistant professor and obstetrics and gynecology Physician at Mayo Clinic, and co-author of Mayo Clinic Guide to Fertility and Conception, 2nd Edition: Expertise from Leading Fertility Specialists for Maximizing Reproductive Health and Growing Your Family. “The lights, the toys, the joy, the presents are geared towards brightening the world of the newest generation. For those who yearn for children, the holiday season is a constant reminder of something that isn’t there.”

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