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The Best Ways To Prepare For Your Body For IVF

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Whether you’re just now considering in vitro fertilization (IVF) after consulting with your fertility specialist or you’ve already made the appointment to begin the process, it’s a great idea to dig into what IVF entails. It’s not an easy process, and as you put your body through major changes, your mental health may be affected as well, so learning how you can prepare your body for IVF and the road ahead is a great starting point.

IVF is the most successful assisted reproductive process in which eggs are collected from the ovaries and taken to a lab where they’re fertilized by sperm (sometimes the sperm comes from a partner and other times from a donor). The embryos are then moved either back into the uterus or into the uterus of a gestational carrier (Via Mayo Clinic). In short, it’s an invasive, expensive procedure that holds no guarantees — but it has the potential to change lives, making the entire process incredibly rewarding when it produces the desired results.

Preparing your body (and mind) beforehand will help you get into a healthy routine, which is ideal to start early as you’ll likely need to stick it out throughout the course of pregnancy. It can also prevent complications from arising during IVF and pregnancy, as well as increase your odds of live birth and producing a happy, healthy baby.

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