Victories and Achievements

Your advocacy matters, and your voice made a difference. Read below for RESOLVE's advocacy victories throughout the years.


2023 State Legislative Session Victories

Building upon the progress made in 2022, we reaped the rewards in 2023, as it often takes years and endless “resolve” for legislation to pass.

The District of Columbia passed the Expanding Access to Fertility Treatment Amendment Act, which will require insurance coverage for infertility treatments, including IVF and fertility preservation, starting in 2025, as well as some coverage through Medicaid and the DC Healthcare Alliance program, beginning in 2024. RESOLVE worked with the bill sponsor to make the bill more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community and more expansive to include fertility preservation for those at risk of medically-induced infertility.

With this comprehensive and inclusive law, DC joins 14 states that require IVF coverage, and it matches the only state (New York) to provide Medicaid coverage for medically necessary ovulation drugs and monitoring.

It also joins 16 states with fertility preservation coverage, five of which passed in 2023, including Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, Texas, and Utah. These new laws will allow cancer patients to preserve their fertility before undergoing potentially sterilizing medical treatment, and some extend beyond cancer. To read more about these new laws, please visit Insurance Coverage by State

We are especially proud to report that the number of lives covered by these six new laws is more than 6 million, bringing the total number of lives covered to more than 45.5 million since 2015. These victories are the result of grassroots advocacy at its finest, with patients and professionals sharing their stories and working together to improve access to care. RESOLVE is honored to partner with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and Alliance for Fertility Preservation, with support from EMD Serono and Ferring Pharmaceuticals. Aptly named the Building Families Coalition, we will not stop until everyone wanting to build a family has access to all family building options.

In addition to expanding access, we must also protect access at a time when states are introducing more and more bills that could negatively impact access to IVF. In the first year post-Dobbs, RESOLVE launched our Fight for Families campaign to keep access to IVF legal in all 50 states. We reviewed more than 35 anti-abortion bills, identified 17 that could negatively impact fertility patients, and mobilized thousands of advocates in 9 states to share their stories with state legislators to urge them to oppose the bills. We are proud to report no bills became law that would restrict family building.

As always, your stories are essential in defeating anti-family bills and advancing pro-family legislation. Make your voice heard and join our family building movement. Sign up now to be part of the RESOLVE Advocacy Network and help us continue to make a difference for all families in 2024.