Opposing Personhood

RESOLVE fights to keep fertility medical treatments legal in the U.S. by opposing all personhood bills and ballot initiatives.


Opposing Personhood

Keeping IVF legal is very important to RESOLVE because it helps so many people resolve their infertility. For almost a decade states around the country (as well as the federal government) have attempted to pass laws declaring that human life, or “personhood,” begins as soon as sperm fertilizes an egg. These so-called personhood bills could make common fertility treatments like IVF illegal.

More than 100 such bills have been proposed, from Oregon to Florida, New Hampshire to Arizona. RESOLVE and its allies have defeated all of them — so far. That means we’ve kept IVF legal for more than 3.5 million people with infertility in the threatened states. But every year, more bills are proposed and the threats to available, legal fertility treatment mount.

Here’s how you can fight against Personhood:

Personhood Legislative Efforts