With infertility becoming less of a taboo subject, more people are speaking out about their experience with infertility and building their families through Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART), adoption, and third-party reproduction. Religion leaders are often very respected figures in their communities. Whether they realize it or not, they can often play a role in supporting and educating followers about the infertility experience as it relates to their faith. RESOLVE wants to provide faith-based leaders and members with resources that will help you navigate conversations around infertility and family building.

Articles & Resources for Religion Leaders:

Faith-Based Infertility Support Resources

Start talking about infertility in your faith-based communities.

Letters to Religion Leaders: Ask your religion leaders to consider the infertility community in their Mother’s and Father’s Day messages with these sample letters.

Catholic infertility support:

Christian infertility support:

Jewish infertility support:

Muslim infertility support:

Hashtags: #musliminfertility and #muslimttc (‘ttc’ or ‘trying to conceive’ is an acronym in the infertility community)

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