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We are best known for our support communities and programs. We’ve partnered with Inspire, to connect you with people across the country to have real conversations about reproductive health and bring you support whenever, wherever, online.

Visit the Infertility Support Communities here:

Finding a Resolution for Infertility                 

Living After Infertility Resolution                    

Living with Childlessness Due to Infertility

Do you have questions?

Q. Will I have to register with Inspire?

A. Yes. Once you enter the RESOLVE Infertility Support Community, you will be entering Inspire’s web site. In order to Join the new community you will be asked some very basic information. Please read Inspire’s Privacy Policy here.

Q. How do I join the Infertility Support Community?

A. It’s pretty simple. Enter the community using this link and follow the instructions to “Join”.

Q. There are three support communities to choose from, what’s the difference?

A. There are three unique support communities to meet the needs of our constituents: “Finding a Resolution for Infertility,” “Living After Infertility Resolution” and “Living with Childlessness Due to Infertility.”Check out the discussion topics under each community to decide where you’d like to share information and post questions.

Q. Who do I contact if I have technical questions?

A. Once you register with the new community, Inspire can answer all your technical questions.

Q: How do I share information about specific family building professionals that I have used?

A: Inspire provides this free online support community so that people living with infertility have a safe place to get support online. We understand that there are many ups and downs in the infertility journey and you may want to share your specific interactions with family building professionals with the Inspire community. It is important to note that RESOLVE does not encourage or condone “bashing” any family building professional or product. Most businesses today want to hear your experience directly so that they can improve and rectify the situation for you. Remember, the more details you provide in your post (i.e. names, dates, specific products, etc.) may impact your anonymity and privacy. Each person is unique and it is important to find the best fit between you and your family building professional. The views expressed on the Inspire community in specific posts and responses do not necessarily reflect the views of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. As an unbiased consumer organization, RESOLVE does not screen family building professionals and therefore does not endorse, recommend, or advise about the services of any individual provider or organization. Please read Inspire’s community guidelines for each of these online communities.

Q. Is there an Inspire app to download?

A. Introducing the new app for Inspire –– the social health support network that connects 2 million members with each other, in partnership with over 100 nonprofit patient advocacy organizations, including RESOLVE, American Lung Association, Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, Mental Health America, and the Lupus Foundation of America. Download available through the App Store for iPhone and iPad only. Learn more here.