He is waiting for his card too. You know, the one in Hallmark that those struggling with infertility hope that one day they’ll open. Father’s Day is almost here and often with these types of holidays they tend to present themselves as emotional darts to both men and women. Read below for Father’s Day infertility support ideas.

Maybe that guy in your life is your husband, a son, or perhaps a family member or friend. One thing is for certain, he is not immune to the pain that infertility can rain over a couple. Guys need support and are many times forgotten about when the subject of infertility is brought into the conversation. It can be isolating for him because society has put the emphasis on the female throughout the resolution of this disease and the guys tend to step aside as the supporting role often are overlooked.

Let him know he is not alone show your support during HIS infertility resolution through treatment, adoption or transitioning to a childfree lifestyle. Here are a few tips on how you can support the men in your life who are dealing with infertility:

  1. Understand that his role in family building is just as important and that infertility is not just a woman’s issue. Male Factor contributes to 40% of infertility diagnosis and can be just as emotionally devastating.
  2. Celebrate him and turn it into a Man-Day! There’s nothing wrong with an excuse to show the man in your life, Dad or not that he is special to you.
  3. Be mindful of social triggers on this day. Instead of steak dinner out with the family, have your own cook out at home.
  4. Ask him how he is feeling and what you can do to make the day or like events easier for him. Everyone manages grief differently and by understanding his needs, it will give you the tools to support him in ways that best fit him personally.
  5. The art of distraction can go a long way, especially for those guys who may internally process their grief. Do something he likes that day. Whether it is go for a run together, catching a game, or plan a hike, it will be a good diversion.
  6. Simply let this him you care about the difficult journey he is going through.

Share this information with family and friends to help them support the men in your life dealing with infertility.

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