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Adoption Baby Showers TV Segment

Author: The Adoption Consultancy
Format: Podcast
TV segment including tips for and do’s & don’ts of throwing a baby shower for adoptive parents.

Beat Infertility Podcast

Beat Infertility Podcast CoverAuthors: Heather Huhman, Dr. Allison Rodgers and Dr. Maria Rothenburger
Format: Podcast
Description: Beat Infertility is a twice-weekly podcast where we get real about infertility, empower listeners to take back control, and provide them with hope for the future. On Mondays, we feature interviews with infertility warriors and survivors. On Fridays, we feature interviews with experts. Learn more here:

Breathing in the Now (CD or MP3)

Breathing In The Now CDAuthor: Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD
Format: CD/MP3
Description: This MP3 was developed and narrated by Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD and comes with downloadable instructions. If you are stressed by the impact of life-altering diagnosis of infertility or any unwanted, protracted challenge, “Breathing in the Now” is an audio guide to mindfully releasing the physiology of stress and returning your body/mind to neutral. This is the only audio guide that comes with a free 20 minute phone session if you find that the program needs to be adapted to your needs.

Learn more and purchase your copy here:

Chartreuse Online Learning

Chartreuse Online LearningAuthor: Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR
Format: Online Learning Course
Description: Chartreuse Online Learning offers online courses:

  • topics surrounding living with fertility struggles,
  • two month mindful program for preparing and going through a treatment cycle,
  • four week course for grief of a treatment cycle,
  • and transitioning to pregnancy after successful fertility treatment.

These courses are created for you by Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR. She offers a unique learning experience that incorporates, self-help learning, art and creative interactive activities, and mindfulness. Lessen your emotional pain. Increase joy in your life. Embrace YOU again. 30% discount through RESOLVE – use discount code: 30RESOLVE. Enroll now.

Cryos International Blog

Cryos InternationalAuthor: Cryos International Staff
Format: Blog/videos
Description: Find helpful videos provided by Cryos on topics ranging from donor sperm and egg screening to home insemination. These video guides and stories will be great resources along your journey to parenthood. Keep up-to-date with our latest posts and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Egg Retrievals Gone Wrong. What Happened? (Video)

Tasha BlasiAuthor: Tasha Blasi
Format: Video
Description: In this brief video, integrative fertility coach and patient advocate, Tasha Blasi, shares how she determines which variables could have affected an egg retrieval. Watch the video here.

Embrace Your Center Podcast

Embrace Your CenterAuthor: Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR
Format: Podcast 
Description: Embrace Your Center is a podcast created to give you useful information and tools you can use right away to help with life situations that include fertility and infertility struggles, perinatal concerns, parenting after fertility struggles, and grief. Embrace Your Center is available on iTunes and GooglePlay. This podcast and blog is created for you by Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR. She created Embrace Your Center to add positivity, artfulness, and self-help strategies to the landscape of fertility blogs. You will find guided visualizations, meditations, positive intentions, discussion, worksheets and other self-help tools here. Visit now.

Fertility Bridges Blog

Fertility Bridges logoAuthor: Fertility Bridges
Format: Blog
Fertility Bridges’ mission is to serve as a trusted independent and unbiased source of fertility information throughout one’s family building journey. Our egg donor and surrogacy consulting practice offers a road map to parenthood and third-party reproduction services. This blog offers mindful guidance for your road ahead.

Free TTC Quiz: Are You Thriving Thru Infertility?

Author: Tiffany Jo Baker
Format: Online Quiz
Description: Your path to parenthood probably doesn’t look like you originally dreamed of or expected. Trying to conceive can be really hard and affect a lot of areas of your life. It’s easy to become consumed and overwhelmed with getting pregnant and having a baby. I’ve worked with countless couples that have lost their peace, joy and even relationships while on their path to parenthood. Take this free quiz to see how you are doing in 8 main areas of life while dealing with infertility and/or loss.

Take the quiz here:

Finding Peace on Your Path Mini E-course

Author: Tiffany Jo Baker
Format: Online Course
Description: PEACE…

A little word with a big result. There is no denying that PEACE IS PRICELESS. You never really know how true this is until you’ve lived a period of time without it. Are you tired of the emotional rollercoaster and ready for more peace? In this 4 week faith based mini-e-course you will learn how to apply the simple 3 step process that God gives us for having peace. Your life and journey will never be the same.

In less than 10 minutes a day you can find more peace on your path in the privacy of your own home! Through a weekly workbook with exercises and lessons delivered to your inbox, this course will help you:

  • Have peace despite life’s ups and downs
  • Trade in fear for faith
  • Develop daily life-changing habits
  • See your path positively
  • Experience calm instead of overwhelm

Invest in your life. PEACE IS PRICELESS. Learn more:

Flip the Script on What You are Telling Yourself About Your Fertility Journey (Video)

Tasha Blasi Image 3Author: Tasha Blasi
Format: Video
Description: Based on RESOLVES 2018 NIAW campaign, “Flip the Script,” integrative fertility coach and patient advocate, Tasha Blasi, shares how you can flip the script on the thoughts and stories that you tell yourself on your fertility journey. Watch the video here.

GENESIS Fertility Blog

Author: Genesis Fertility Staff
Format: Blog
Description At GENESIS, we believe knowledge is power; and want our patients to be partners in their care. Learn more about fertility through our blogs written by our physicians and staff members who have walked the infertility journey. Read here:

GENESIS Fertility Videos

Author: Genesis Fertility Staff
Format: Videos
At GENESIS, we believe knowledge is power; and want our patients to be partners in their care. From treatment options like IVF and IUI, to common causes of infertility like PCOS and Endometriosis; GENESIS offers short videos designed to give patients the knowledge they need to understand their fertility. Watch the videos here:

How to Have A Baby Without Losing Your Man or Mind (Free Instant Access Webinar)

Author: Tiffany Jo Baker
Format: Webinar
Description: The path to parenthood is a rollercoaster. You can feel crazy, out of control, out of touch, disconnected, isolated, overwhelmed and unsure. It doesn’t have to be that way. In this free instant access webinar, in just 30 minutes you will learn 5 Key Strategies for Couples in Life and In-Fertility that will include how to:

  • Navigate through all the overwhelming information and options.
  • Have a fun & fulfilling life while on your fertility journey.
  • Get on the same page, grow closer to your spouse and decrease the stress & strain on your marriage.
  • Not feel alone when everyone else seems to be getting pregnant.

Have faith & peace, despite the pain of things not going as planned. …AND MORE SO THAT YOU CAN MAKE THE “BEST DECISIONS” FOR YOUR FAMILY IN THIS SEASON!

Invest in yourself and your process! A half hour can do a whole lot of good! Learn more:

How to Not Ruin Friendships on Your Fertility Journey (Blog)

Tasha Blasi Web 2Author: Tasha Blasi
Format: Blog
Description: In this blog, integrative fertility coach and patient advocate, Tasha Blasi, shares how you can protect yourself and your friendships while on a difficult fertility journey. Note that at the end of the blog, there is an additional guide that you can share with your friends on the best way to support you in your journey too. Learn more here. 

It Takes a Village Blog

Family Inceptions LogoThe Family Inceptions blog offers a refreshing glimpse into the world of egg donation, surrogacy, and parenting through assisted reproduction. The blog offers accurate and timely information that helps you navigate your journey while making you smile. Learn more here.

On Fertile Ground Blog

Helen AdrienneAuthor: Helene Adrienne
Format: Blog
Description: Follow the link below to select over 100 blog posts covering issues common to those in a fertility quest. This blog is an opportunity to feel understood and to be armed with stress-reduction options.

This blog offers articles on issues such as loss of privacy, unexplained infertility, loss of control, loss of self esteem, couples’ challenges and much more. Information is notorious as an anxiety reducer. These articles also inspire reasons to be helpful.

Read the blog here:

Surrogacy Road Map

Surrogacy Roadmap LogoAuthor: Eloise Drane
Format: Online Course
Description: Are you, or someone you know, in search of information and inspiration about the surrogacy process?

Surrogacy Roadmap is here to help.

This first-of-its-kind online course is designed to answer your most urgent questions about this path to parenthood. Its eight modules are packed with information to help intended parents learn about:

  • How to identify your ideal surrogate
  • How to assemble the “village” it’ll take to bring your child into the world
  • The legal intricacies of pursuing surrogacy
  • What to expect when your surrogate is expecting
  • Your options for pursuing surrogacy internationally
  • and much, much more!

Powered by over twenty years of professional expertise and paired with supplemental resources and a Facebook community of other intended parents traveling this path alongside you, Surrogacy Roadmap aims to provide you with agency know-how…without the agency cost.


Truths & Myths About Adoption TV Segment

Author: The Adoption Consultancy
Format: Video
TV segment debunking some of the most pervasive myths about adoption.

Unique Ways to Afford Adoption Podcast

Author: Shannah Game, The Adoption Consultancy
Format: Podcast
A podcast about adoption fundraising ideas, including an interview with a couple who raised $19,000 with a single event.