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Adoption Baby Showers TV Segment

Author: The Adoption Consultancy
Format: Podcast
Description: TV segment including tips for and do’s & don’ts of throwing a baby shower for adoptive parents.

Breathing in the Now CD or MP3

Breathing In The Now CDAuthor: Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD
Format: CD/MP3
Description: This MP3 was developed and narrated by Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD and comes with downloadable instructions. If you are stressed by the impact of life-altering diagnosis of infertility or any unwanted, protracted challenge, “Breathing in the Now” is an audio guide to mindfully releasing the physiology of stress and returning your body/mind to neutral. This is the only audio guide that comes with a free 20 minute phone session if you find that the program needs to be adapted to your needs.

Learn more and purchase your copy here:

Feed the Machine Podcast: From Injury to impact- The Dr. Sonya Patel Interview

Feed the Machine LogoAuthor: Warren Spiwak
Format: Podcast
Description: Warren Spiwak interviews Dr. Sonya Patel, owner of Mirvana Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs. Dr. Sonya Patel shares an unbelievable story of overcoming trauma. This interview digs into how an unimaginable experience led to one of the most challenging times of Dr. Sonya Patel’s life. An amazing story of chance, survival, and overcoming obstacles that lead a young woman to completely change her life to live one of healing! Listen here. 

Fertility Answers Blog

Fertility Answers BlogTitle: The Fertility Answers Blog
Author(s): Neil Chappell MD, John Storment MD, Susan Conway MD
Description: The Fertility Answers Blog can help you navigate your fertility journey. Join expert reproductive endocrinologists and fertility specialists at Fertility Answers for in-depth looks into fertility topics. The Fertility Answers Blog is your source for up-to-date fertility information – causes, testing, treatment and more all here in one place. Read here.

Fertility Answers Podcast

Fertility Answers PodcastTitle: The Fertility Answers Podcast
Author(s): Neil Chappell MD and John Storment MD
Description: The Fertility Answers Podcast can help you navigate your fertility journey. Join expert reproductive endocrinologists and fertility specialists Neil Chappell, MD and John Storment, MD, (and sometimes some of their patients) for in-depth looks into fertility topics. Each episode tackles a new subject in the realm of fertility diagnosis and treatment. The Fertility Answers Podcast is your answer to all the common questions you have as you navigate your own fertility journey. Be sure to check back here for future episodes. Listen here. 

Fertility Centers of Illinois Blog

Fertility Centers of IllinoisAuthor: Fertility Centers of Illinois
Format: Blog
Description: Access a wealth of information on any topic of fertility imaginable by perusing hundreds of blogs covering topics such as new medical research, treatment approaches for various infertility diagnoses, expert insight into trends flooding the news, tips on how to boost fertility naturally, couples and individuals sharing their stories in overcoming infertility and more. New blogs posted weekly. Do you have a question you’d like us to answer on our blog? Submit it here:
Read the blog posts here.

Fertility Centers of Illinois: Time to Talk Fertility Podcast

Time to Talk ImageAuthor: Fertility Centers of Illinois
Format: Podcast
Description: Whether you’re just starting out on your fertility journey or you’re a seasoned pro, Time To Talk Fertility will be your resource for all things reproductive. This podcast, hosted by Fertility Centers of Illinois’ physicians and staff, will highlight all facets of fertility: staying strong as a couple, LGBTQ family planning, having a baby after 40, how aging impacts male and female fertility, common questions patients are too embarrassed to ask their physician and more. Tune in monthly to get your fertility facts fix. Do you have a question you’d like us to answer on our podcast? Submit it here:

Fertility Embraced Blog

Lauren HaringAuthor: Embrace Fertility Staff
Format: Blog
Description: Embrace Fertility is a trusted partner in fertility wellness, offering integrative fertility-enhancing programs and personalized support through the complex and often overwhelming fertility journey. You are not alone. As a fertility nurse who has enduring fertility treatments as well, I share my fertility wisdom, tips, and personal stories on this blog. Visit the Fertility Embraced Blog to learn more.

Fertility Health Blog

Author: Genesis Fertility Staff
Format: Blog
Description: At GENESIS, we believe knowledge is power; and want our patients to be partners in their care. Learn more about fertility through our blogs written by our physicians and staff members who have walked the infertility journey. Read here:

Frances Jones- Heart Desires Fulfillment Coaching YouTube Channel

Frances Jones PhotoAuthor: Frances Jones, M.ACCY, M.A, CPC, ELI-MP
Format: Videos
Description: Sharing words of inspiration, encouragement and motivation to empower you to become your best self. There will also be videos to encourage you during your journey with infertility. Watch the videos here.

Genesis Fertility Videos

Author: Genesis Fertility Staff
Format: Videos
Description: At GENESIS, we believe knowledge is power; and want our patients to be partners in their care. From treatment options like IVF and IUI, to common causes of infertility like PCOS and Endometriosis; GENESIS offers short videos designed to give patients the knowledge they need to understand their fertility. Watch the videos here:

Get the Golden Egg Blog

Get the Golden Egg BlogAuthor: Oana Gharbi
Format: Blog
Description: Read blog posts written by a patient advocate who has passion, ethics, empathy and sound knowledge of the medical process. Read here:

How to Use the Power of Positive Intention Conception MP3

Positive Intention Conception CoverAuthor: Sara Rector, MFT
Format: MP3 Download
Description: Psychological Treatment Plan to optimize and support your infertility treatment cycle. Can be used with natural cycles or IVF, IUI, IUI and injectables, and Ovum Sperm Donation Cycles. Learn more here.

HypnoFertility Videos

Lynsi EastburnAuthor: Lynsi Eastburn, MA
Format: Videos
Description: Interviews, podcasts, and news segments with Lynsi Eastburn, MA, registered psychotherapist, NGH Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor. Learn more here.

Infertility Counseling Blog

Jenna OroscoAuthor: Jenna Orosco
Format: Blog
Description: This blog series explores many avenues of infertility and mental health. It is written by an infertility counselor who draws upon her expertise and her own experience with infertility. Topics include finding an infertility counselor, getting through the holidays, taking meaning from infertility, surviving infertility with your relationship (and sex life!) intact, setting boundaries, coping with a lack of privacy, grief, assisted reproduction techniques, adoption, and dealing with well meaning though possibly not helpful family members! Infertility is absolutely horrible but this blog was created to remind you that A) you are not alone and B) that while infertility is terrible your life and your relationships don’t have to be. Learn more here.

Kindred Beginnings Blog

Lynn PolinAuthor: Lynn Polin
Format: Blog
Description: Family-building is hard. Written by Lynn Polin, a fertility coach with a big family-building journey, the Kindred Beginnings Blog supports, validates, educates and provides resources for all who are family-building by focusing on bringing awareness to the mind-body connection. Learn more here.

Kindred Beginnings YouTube Channel

Kindred BeginningsAuthor: Lynn Polin
Format: YouTube Channel
Description: The Kindred Beginnings YouTube Channel provides the family-building community with short educational videos to encourage small, realistic shifts that will benefit you in your overall health in mind, body and spirit. Learn more here.

LIFE, love, insight, fertility, experiences Podcast

LIFE Podcast LogoAuthor: Lori Metz, LCSW, CCM
Format: Podcast
Description: A podcast I started to share information on things that we all experience on our journey. There are shows specifically on fertility, along with others on nutrition, mindfulness, and acupuncture. LIFE discusses ways of coping, the emphasis on moving forward and enjoying the journey. Learn more here.

Maureen O'Brien Moomjy, MD, FACOG Blog

Maureen Moomjy photoAuthor: Maureen O’Brien Moomjy, MD, FACOG
Format: Blog
Description: Let Dr. Moomjy and her team guide you through the complexities of infertility. We will explain different fertility procedures and treatments and make the aspect of becoming pregnant possible. Learn more here.

Mirvana Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs Blog

Mirvana Acupuncture LogoAuthor: Dr. Sonya Patel
Format: Blog
Description: Dr. Patel’s blog is located on the company website. She writes about multiple topics including fertility and pain management. This blog is updated frequently to give readers updated information. Learn more here.

Moving Beyond the Heartache of Infertility Online Video Course

Robin Sutton photoAuthor: Robin Heart Suttin, Grief Recovery Method Specialist
Format: Online Video Course
Description: Is your long and painful journey of trying to conceive coming to an end without the baby you dreamed of having? This course is exclusively for those who are suffering from a broken heart because of infertility and who are now looking at a future without conceiving.

In this course:

  1. You will learn about some tools that can help you navigate your life now that your journey of trying to conceive is coming to an end.
  2. You will gain awareness of some of the things that might be keeping you feeling emotionally stuck.
  3. You will learn about some unhelpful myths of grief that could hold you back from working through the pain of your loss.
  4. You will learn about some specific actions you can take now so that you don’t stay isolated in your pain and heartache.
  5. You will gain clarity on what steps to take now so that you can look forward to your future, though it many look very different than the way you always hoped it would be.

Watch the videos here.

On Fertile Ground Blog

Helen AdrienneAuthor: Helene Adrienne
Format: Blog
Description: Follow the link below to select over 100 blog posts covering issues common to those in a fertility quest. This blog is an opportunity to feel understood and to be armed with stress-reduction options.

This blog offers articles on issues such as loss of privacy, unexplained infertility, loss of control, loss of self esteem, couples’ challenges and much more. Information is notorious as an anxiety reducer. These articles also inspire reasons to be helpful.

Read the blog here:

Patriot Conceptions Blog

Patriot Conceptions LogoAuthor: Patriot Conceptions Staff
Format: Blog

Since it’s founding, Patriot Conceptions has been a firm believer that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood and the happiness of a complete family. Patriot Conceptions screens qualified surrogates based on “ASRM” guidelines and matches them with the most ideal Intended Parents who share similar beliefs, interests, and expectations. Our Youtube Channel features videos and testimonials shared by satisfied parenthood candidates as well as surrogates, testament to their delightful experience with us.

Read the blog here:

Relationship Issues and Infertility MP3

Relationship Issues and Infertility CoverAuthor: Sara Rector, MFT
Format: MP3 Download
Description: A plan to help couples work together to navigate the roller coaster of emotions, physical challenges and decision making that can result from infertility. Learn more here.

Transition to Ovum Donation MP3

Transition to Ovum Donation CoverAuthor: Sara Rector MFT
Format: MP3 Download
Description: Are you ready to make the Transition to Ovum Donation? This Audio CD will help you answer this question and address your concerns. Learn more here.

Truths & Myths About Adoption TV Segment

Author: The Adoption Consultancy
Format: Video
Description: TV segment debunking some of the most pervasive myths about adoption.

Unique Ways to Afford Adoption Podcast

Author: Shannah Game, The Adoption Consultancy
Format: Podcast
Description: A podcast about adoption fundraising ideas, including an interview with a couple who raised $19,000 with a single event.

YouTube Channel: Mirvana Acupuncture

Mirvana Acupuncture LogoAuthor: Mirvana Acupuncture
Format: YouTube
Description: Our YouTube channel gives quick information about acupuncture, Chinese herbs, & supplements. Dr. Sonya Patel has over 17 years of experience practicing in TCM. She’s certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Sonya completed her doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine from ACTCM in California. She has been recognized by New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering for treating side effects without inhibiting patient’s cancer treatment regimens. Watch here.