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A Baby at Last! by Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, Dr. Marc Goldstein, and Mark L. Fuerst

The trailblazing fertility program at New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center has pioneered many of the procedures that are now standard practices in fertility centers around the world. If you can’t get to New York for a consultation with Dr. Zev Rosenwaks and Dr. Marc Goldstein, A Baby At Last! puts the doctors’ expertise down on paper, offering all the information you need on the latest fertility treatments in order to make informed decisions. In this comprehensive, practical, and up-to-date handbook for diagnosing and treating infertility in both men and women, you’ll get invaluable advice on when to seek help; finding the right doctors, and knowing the tough questions you need to ask; what tests to have for him and her, when to have them, and why; and whether or not you’re a candidate for advanced treatments, including IVF, ICSI, and beyond. Covering everything from the latest technologies to the emotional hurdles associated with infertility, Drs. Rosenwaks and Goldstein share the knowledge and expertise that make the pregnancy success rates for Weill Cornell patients among the highest in the world. Here, as never before, is a book that can help you, too, bring home a baby at last! For more information, follow this link.

A Fertile Path: Guiding the Journey with Mindfulness and Compassion by Janetti Marotta, Ph.D.

Fertile Path Book CoverA Fertile Path: Guiding the Journey with Mindfulness and Compassion shows how the gifts of mindfulness can help you navigate the emotional and physical challenges of fertility and realize your dream of parenthood. When confronted by the often overwhelming stress that comes from infertility and its treatment, staying present and maintaining equanimity isn’t just important, it’s essential. Mindfulness can help you navigate the complex network of emotional and physical trials that infertility presents. Drawing from the lessons of her own journey through infertility and those women and men with whom Dr. Marotta has worked, A Fertile Path presents a step-by-step guide that offers strategies for the challenges on the road ahead and support to develop the resilience you need to stay the course of your fertility journey. Each chapter presents mindfulness exercises to support the teachings, with links to guided meditation audio on the author’s website that complement the formal practices. For more information, follow this link.

After Miscarriage: A Journey to Healing by Lori Leo

A woman’s journey through the heartache of miscarriage, the gift of adoption and the immersion in her lifelong passion that proved crucial in her healing process.

On August 13, 2000, just months after her honeymoon, Lori suffered her first miscarriage. After four miscarriages in less than two years, she struggled to find peace each day. As she suffered in silence with her grief, she was determined to find comfort and hope. Lori’s passion for horses and her faith helped her escape the emotional turmoil only to discover how these passions assisted her journey to healing. This realization exposed her to a new world she may otherwise have never known. Her tenacious desire to have a child led her to appreciate the beauty and gift of adoption as well as experience the instant unconditional love that you can feel for a child. For more information, follow this link.

Couple’s Workbook, Helps Guide Patients through the ART Process by Samuel P. Marynick, M.D., HCLD/ELD (ABB) and Juan Correa-Perez, Ph.D., HCLD/CC/ALD, (ABB), Texas Center for Reproductive Health

The Couples Workbook – A Guide on Assisted Reproduction Technology, 4th Edition – 2016, was created to help guide patients through the process of assisted reproduction technology (ART). Written by Samuel P. Marynick, M.D., HCLD/ELD (ABB) and Juan Correa-Perez, Ph.D., HCLD/CC/ALD, (ABB), Texas Center for Reproductive Health, Dallas, Texas – the Couple’s Workbook includes detailed explanation of each phase of ART, from a couple’s first meeting with a treatment professional through the treatment review.Topics include an explanation of the human reproductive cycle and overview of the ART cycle, the patient evaluation, an explanation of each phase of the ART process, the treatment review, recommendations for coping with stress and financial considerations. While the Couple’s Workbook includes specific references to the Texas Center for Reproductive Health program, the content may be helpful to a couple undergoing ART treatment. Copies are available for $ 11.99 plus shipping and handling at or through a link on the home page of the Texas Center for Reproductive Health at

Detours: Unexpected Journeys of Hope Conceived from Infertility by Sue A. Johnston

Detours is an unprecedented collection of inspirational infertility journeys that offers hope, against all odds, for those struggling with infertility. Never before have eleven friends come together to create a book that is more than mere stories on paper. Detours is a published support group for those who are also facing their own overwhelmingly difficult quest for parenthood. You will hear and feel each author’s fears and frustrations as they begin and end a journey none of them imagined. The path of infertility can be littered with horrendous disappointments and unbelievable happiness. These friends, who met through RESOLVE of San Diego, cover the gambit of assisted reproductive technologies and will be your guides as you navigate roadblocks and setbacks of infertility. Celebrate with them as they rejoice their solutions and share what they wish they had known when they were going through infertility treatment. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Detours will be donated to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. For more information, follow this link.

Embrace Your Fertility by Timea Belej-Rak, MD

When you are struggling with fertility, navigating your options may feel overwhelming. In “Embrace Your Fertility“, Dr. Timea Belej-Rak demystifies the process with a guide that melds heartfelt patient stories and expert knowledge on the latest resources including:

  • naturopathic perspectives – by Tanya Wylde, ND, R.Ac.
  • acupuncture and far east medicine – by Tim Tanaka, Ph.D., R.Ac., R. TCMP
  • mind body connection – by Glenda Johnson, RPT, MCHt
  • counselling – by Reina Zatylny, MSW, RSW
  • medical treatments – by Timea Belej-Rak, MD
  • sperm donation – by Haimant Bissessar, BSc
  • egg donation – by David Sher, CEO, Elite IVF
  • adoption – by Sofie Stergianis, MSW, RSW

Offering a multifaceted discussion about a complex and emotional subject, Embrace Your Fertility includes chapters by professionals in the field with detailed information about processes and procedures. It includes a look at both mainstream medical interventions and complementary health options from diet to acupuncture and views your fertility journey from new perspectives. The book website is:

Fertility Walk: A Fertility Nurse’s Guide Along Your Journey by Tamara Tobias

Proceeds from this book benefit Fertility Walk Hope Fund, a non-profit organization providing grants to those who need fertility treatment but have no insurance coverage and are financially restricted. Tamara’s goal of this book was to help envision the journey of infertility as a walk. The trail one follows through infertility is not an easy one. We stumble and fall, meander at times, and occasionally skip with joy. The chapters in this book are meant to serve as your walking tools and they guide you through the process with easy-to-comprehend explanations and many ultrasound images to explain the menstrual cycle, treatment options, and procedures. Abnormal findings such as a cyst or fibroid are reviewed as well as all of those questions that arise when a cycle IS successful. As your walking partner, Tamara’s ultimate intention for you is to find HOPE… For more information, and to purchase the book, visit

Grade A Baby Eggs: An Infertility Memoir by Victoria Hopewell

Over seven million couples in the United States struggle with infertility and the hope and pain surrounding it. More and more of them are turning to in vitro fertilization as a path to parenthood, using egg donors and sperm donors and sophisticated medical procedures to achieve their dream of creating a family. Victoria Hopewell entered into this world upon her second marriage, when she found herself unable to become pregnant with a much wanted child. Follow the poignant and informative story of her search for a “Grade A” baby egg in today’s unregulated donor egg market and learn the processes, procedures, and pitfalls that lie in wait for anyone hoping to conceive via in vitro fertilization. For more information follow this link or visit

Happy Together by Julie Marie (Author) and Ashley Lucas (Illustrator)

Happy Together is a heartwarming book to help introduce the concept of egg donation to a young child. A story told through clear language and cheerful illustrations, readers will join Mommy and Daddy bear on the journey to fulfill their greatest wish of becoming parents. With help from a doctor, an egg from a special lady called a donor and Daddy’s seed, a baby grew in Mommy’s tummy and was welcomed with great joy. Happy Together will comfort children with the assurance of being very much wanted and loved. For more information follow this link or visit

Not Broken: An Approachable Guide to Miscarriage and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss by Lora Shahine, MD, FACOG

Not Broken is a comprehensive, evidence-based but easy-to-read guide for anyone who wants to understand all aspects of miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss. Whether you are a patient struggling with miscarriages or a medical provider caring for patients with recurrent pregnancy loss, you will learn something from this resource. Dr. Shahine explains not only a typical Western medicine approach to evaluation and treatment for miscarriage but also includes Eastern approaches to care, lifestyle factors that will decrease your risk of miscarriage, and the emotional impact of recurrent pregnancy loss. You will finish this book feeling more empowered to be an advocate for your care and more hopeful than ever to continue towards your family goals. For more information or to purchase a copy of the book, follow this link

Not Pregnant by Cathie Quillet

After four miscarriages and years of infertility, Cathie Quillet felt stuck and alone in her negative emotions. In Not Pregnant, Quillet offers a place for women who are experiencing infertility to come together, validate their emotions, and let go of their pain. This motivational and comforting book addresses: infertility’s effects on sex and marriage; handling the public’s general ignorance about infertility; secondary infertility; miscarriages; grief and the plethora of emotions experienced; hormonal changes with fertility medications; and how to move on with your life. Cathie Quillet has been working with couples for years as an Independent Marriage and Family Therapist. Unable to have children, Quillet is familiar with all of the complexities of the infertile journey. Not Pregnant is a compilation of tough lessons she learned and what no-one warns you about when standing face-to-face with infertility. In addition, Quillet collaborated with her ob-gyn, Dr. Shannon Sutherland, to further explain the medical side of infertility. For more information or to purchase a copy of the book, follow this link

On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility by Helen Adrienne

Levels of stress are unbearable levels and both individuals and couples can feel destabilized. With On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility in hand, you will learn how to turn the tables on this unwanted change and ride the infertility wave rather than be swamped by it. Author Helen Adrienne, psychotherapist, equips readers with the weapons to win battles against the consequences of infertility. Easy-to-learn mind/body exercises are at the end of each chapter, some of which have a statistically significant association with pregnancy. Stories of former patients support the effectiveness of mind/body interventions, and show readers that it is possible to “gain from the pain.” On Fertile Ground goes beyond typical self-help books by showing how to navigate through the normal resistance to change. This is a growth-from-adversity book, a managing-stress book and a get-back-in-control book that is comprehensive and provides relief. Visit Helen’s web site for more tips on managing infertility. For more information or to purchase a copy of the book, follow this link.

Spirit Baby: Travels Through China on the Long Road to Motherhood by Nina Nielson Little

Spirit Baby Cover The journey from broken to beautiful began with a plane ticket.

When Nina and Chris step off the plane onto Chinese soil, they are a couple in crisis. Fleeing the heartbreak of failed fertility treatments and the silence of their childless home, they arrive in Beijing just in time for the annual spring sand storms. As they travel from the historic cities of northern China to the stunning countryside of southern China, Nina finds new wonders in the world.

Part humorous travelogue, part heartfelt memoir, Spirit Baby weaves together themes of longing, loss, and learning to live again, while celebrating the healing benefits of travel. It tells of the power of a couple’s dream for a child and celebrates the many paths to motherhood.

Life can take a toll…but that doesn’t mean the journey’s not worth taking. For more information or to purchase a copy of the book, follow this link.

The ABA Guide to Assisted Reproduction: Techniques, Legal Issues, and Pathways to Success By: Marla Neufeld and Jeffrey A. Kasky

The Infertility Journey by Tarun Jain MD

This unique book is simple yet powerful, and sets you on the right path. It includes the most pertinent medical information that is easy to understand (such as ovulation induction, IUI, IVF, ICSI, PCOS, endometriosis, tubal disease, decreased ovarian reserve, uterine disorders, male factor, fertility preservation, preimplantation genetic screening / PGS / PGD, and reproductive surgery / hysteroscopy / laparoscopy). It also has chapters on social stressors (family, friends, job) and alternative therapies (acupuncture, herbs, yoga, diet). Furthermore, it has anonymous quotes from many infertility patients to put real voices behind the disease. This comprehensive book will serve as a trusted companion on your journey to parenthood. Visit Dr. Jain’s website for information about this book. Follow this link to purchase a copy.

The IVF Planner by Monica Bivas

The IVF PlannerIn vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is a complex process that can involve multiple medical teams and points of contact, and it is a significant financial investment. The cost for treatment includes numerous medications, appointments, daily tests, and procedures. Predictably, IVF is the theme of endless books, websites, blog posts, and articles. Based on her personal experiences with IVF, author Monica Bivas created this journal to help you organize the process, handle stress better, and bring focus and clarity to your personal IVF journey. She created The IVF Planner both as an information guide and for you to write your own story. She touches on everything from the basics of the process to financing to a support network and more. Bivas communicates that the IVF journey, no matter the end result—negative, positive, or even cancelled cycles—takes strength, takes courage, and teaches you to be disciplined. Though expensive and challenging, it’s a journey to be proud of. For more information, and to purchase the book, visit Amazon here.

Three Makes Baby- How to Parent Your Donor-Conceived Child by Jana M. Rupnow, LPC

Millions of people dream of having a baby but struggle for years with infertility. In an era of new options in reproductive medicine, many couples are using a third person’s egg, sperm or embryo to conceive. Having a child with another person’s genetics is complex. Couples have concerns about how donor conception will affect their future family life, especially their child. Confusion and fear can leave parents feeling unequipped on this path to parenthood. Shame and unresolved grief about infertility create silence around a controversial topic that needs a voice. Secrets can hurt a family. A fertility counselor addresses your urgent questions so you can learn to overcome fears that make you want to keep a secret-yet maintain your family’s privacy. This book offers education and awareness so parents can guide their donor-conceived children through various stages of development with age-appropriate conversations. Follow this link to purchase a copy.

Unsung Lullabies: Understanding and Coping With Infertility by Janet Jaffe, David Diamond, and Martha Diamond

For people struggling with infertility and/or pregnancy loss, wanting a baby is a craving unlike any other. The intensity of their longing is matched only by the complexity of the emotional, physical, financial, and psychological maze they must navigate. Unsung Lullabies is a compassionate companion for anyone coping with infertility that addresses these difficult issues. Written by three psychologists, who have each experienced their own struggles with infertility, Unsung Lullabies provides tools to help individuals and couples reduce their sense of helplessness and isolation; identify their partner’s coping style which may be vastly different from their own; listen to their “unsung lullabies” – their conscious and unconscious dreams about creating a family; and mourn the multiple losses of infertility and move on. For more information, visit Follow this link to purchase a copy.

Was Called Barren: A Devotional for Women Going Through Infertility by Brandi Chase

Trying to get pregnant? Is it taking longer than expected? Not happening how you dreamed? You’re not alone. Through “Was Called Barren,” Brandi walks alongside you by unveiling her own real-life experiences and journey through infertility. Brandi gives hope to women waiting for expectancy by sharing her private, up-hill, zigzag, and unexpected long distance voyage to motherhood. “Was Called Barren” is a self-paced devotional with 40 personal testimonies that transparently talks about baby showers, fertility specialist appointments, maternity tours, stupid things people say, and more in a heart-to-heart style. Each chapter is interwoven with scriptures and reflection questions; along with room to journal your thoughts. Don’t lose hope, and don’t walk this journey alone! Renew and refresh your belief in your baby promises with “Was Called Barren.” For more information, visit this link to purchase a copy.