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New York City Third Party Intended Moms Through Donor Egg, Donor Sperm & Surrogacy Babies Professional-led Support Group

The decision to begin fertility treatment has a physical, emotional & financial impact. It can elicit feelings of hope, joy, optimism while being overwhelming, confusing & isolating. There are typically feelings unique to those deciding to begin their family with a donor egg and surrogacy. A group allows one to draw on the strengths of others. Participants typically feel understood, supported, less alone having a “safe place” to share and gain a greater understanding of themselves, their needs, and the ways in which to meet them. The group will be arranged to accommodate schedules. There are key topics to discuss yet the group always take on a life of its own being tailored to the participants. The group is led by Lori Metz, LCSW,CCM,BC-TMH, special professional guests may be invited to participate in response to the group discussion. For additional information please contact Lori at 917.655.9776.
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I am board certified in telelental health since 2018 and all groups will be held virtually at this time.


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