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New York City Male Infertility Professional-led Support Groups

Male infertility and supporting a fertility journey typically evokes feelings not experienced before. The support of others going through the same thing helps not go it alone. The decision to begin fertility treatment has a physical, emotional and financial impact on the couple trying to conceive. It can elicit a wide array of feelings. While typically most of the emotional support is focused on the female attempting to conceive, today diagnosis and treatment for male infertility is becoming more prevalent, and many partners feel helpless and alone, believing it is their fault and they are letting their partner down or it's not their body going through the process. Group members usually feel supported, less alone and able to gain greater understanding through coming together and sharing experiences. The 8 week group will be arranged to accommodate schedules and can be held as a video conference. The agenda includes key topics for the partners to discuss. For additional information, please contact lori at 917.655.9776.
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I am board certified in telelental health since 2018 and all groups will be held virtually at this time.


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