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Faith-Based Infertility Support Group

Please contact Alicia before attending your first meeting. Alicia also offers multiple groups in the Pittsburgh area and some with virtual options that are open to those outside of the region. Check out or follow Facebook page: “Pittsburgh Infertility Support Group” for more information.

 Have you ever been curious about God’s plan with infertility?  Feeling like you were designed with such a strong desire in your heart to have a baby, perhaps your sole purpose, and then faced with the inability to bear a child.  What’s the point!  Where is God? Did he forget about me? What kind of God allows this type of suffering?

All questions we have asked…If you are mad at God, trusting in God, or curious if there even is a God amidst this journey, then this upcoming group is for you!  We are excited to- launch a seasonal group over ZOOM during the summer that explores the topic of God and Infertility.  No cost, homework, or biblical knowledge required!  Just bring your questions, raw feelings and curious hearts as we delve into this topic that is grounded in the roots of the Bible.  

Date & Time:
Please contact the host!
Meeting Information
Summer 2023 (7-week virtual group over zoom, occurring bi-weekly). A group for women in the Christian faith to discuss spiritual questions, topics, and conflicts surrounding infertility and God.
Alicia Leggett