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Couples Peer-led Support Group

Come check out this infertility group that connects you with other people who are experiencing the same difficulties and stress that you are feeling on this alternative path to parenthood. Couples going through infertility treatments can often be hyper focused on the physical side of treatment, but tending to your mental and emotional health can make a big difference in your individual experience and your relationship quality through infertility.

 Let’s gather and find comfort in a safe and relaxed environment where we are surrounded by other people who “get it”. If it’s not your partner’s “thing”, or they are unavailable, please still feel free to still come on your own.  This group will still be applicable to you! Please find comfort in the fact that no one will be put on the spot to share or contribute, as listening can be just as healing. 

 What to expect from group? Group will be facilitated by both a male leader and female leader who have experienced the journey of infertility and the impact that it has had on the relationship. Couples’ groups are very relaxed and conversational, often mixed with both laughter and tears. Group participants will have the opportunity to share as much or as little as they’d like about their journey and help each other to explore ways to find healing and support in this unique monthly cycle of grief. We explore the complexity surrounding recurrent loss (i.e., failed cycles, miscarriage) and aspects of the infertility journey that are often overlooked, leaving people feeling isolated and alone. Group members will leave with tools to cope, connection to others who “get it” and a hard copy journal of resolved stories of infertility written by graduated group members.


Date & Time:
Meet’s quarterly at 6:30 PM. Please contact host for next meeting. In person.
Meeting Information
Contact the support group host for more information.
Alicia Leggett