Support Groups

Bucks County Women’s General Infertility Professional-led Support Group

This group is for women struggling with the difficult journey of infertility. We welcome you to a supportive group of others who share some of your feelings of helplessness, isolation, sadness, and frustration. This group meets monthly and will provide information, coping strategies and most importantly - a safe place to unload and process your feelings. You are welcome to participate as much as you like or just come by and listen; the purpose of the group is to connect with others who have similar feelings and learn new methods of coping to be able to move forward.
Date & Time:
Meets on the second Tuesday each month at 7:00PM. Next meeting will be held in January.
Meeting Information
Doylestown Hospital Conference Room I, 595 W. State Street
Jennifer Riley, MSW, LSW


Call for details.