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Statement from RESOLVE on Halt of Embryo Shipping Services in Alabama

Today, in the wake of the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling frozen embryos are children and the subsequent pause on IVF procedures across the state, nationwide embryo shipping services have indicated they will stop transporting embryos to and from Alabama until further notice.

Barbara Collura, President and CEO of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and leader of the organization’s Fight For Families Campaign, issued the following statement in response:

“Since the Court’s ruling, doctors have been forced to deliver devastating news to their patients, who dream of becoming parents and whose plans are on hold indefinitely, all because of the court’s disregard for science. And now, this slight window of hope for Alabamans currently undergoing IVF to continue their family-building treatment in other states just slammed shut. Thousands of Alabamans trying to build their families are being held hostage by this destructive ruling.

IVF must be restored in the state immediately, without fear of criminal prosecution. We at RESOLVE will do all we can to protect the hopes and dreams of Alabamans, and safeguard access to family-building nationwide.

About RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association
Established in 1974, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association is a non-profit organization with the only established nationwide network mandated to promote reproductive health and to ensure equal access to all family building options for anyone experiencing infertility or challenges in building their family. RESOLVE addresses this public health issue by providing community to all who need it, connecting them with others who can help, empowering them to find resolution and giving voice to their demands for access to all family building options. For more information, visit

About Fight for Families
Fight for Families, a campaign led by RESOLVE, was launched in light of the Dobbs decision to protect IVF and other reproductive healthcare needed by people trying to get pregnant and grow their family. RESOLVE, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to family building, is concerned by legislation that threatens to limit the safe and effective medical options for people trying to conceive and achieve a healthy pregnancy. Fight for Families will help raise the voices of hopeful parents to their elected leaders and protect their rights to build a family. To join the Fight for Families campaign and help defend IVF and family building, please visit for more information and to sign up for updates and how to take action.