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RESOLVE’s Statement Regarding Alabama Supreme Court Ruling

“Frozen embryos are ‘children,’ Alabama Supreme Court rules in couples’ wrongful death suits”

Alabama’s Supreme Court ruling is a terrifying development for the 1 in 6 people impacted by infertility who need in-vitro fertilization to build their families. RESOLVE mourns with the couples who lost their embryos as we know how many challenges people with infertility face when trying to build their family. Unfortunately, this anti-family ruling will likely have devastating consequences, including impacting the standard of care provided by the state’s five fertility clinics.

One thing is certain: this ruling has profound implications far beyond Alabama’s borders. Every American who wants or needs access to family building options like IVF should be deeply concerned about this development and the precedent it will set across the country. RESOLVE will continue to be on the front lines protecting these options and ensuring everyone has the support and access to family building support they deserve.

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