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RESOLVE’s Reaction to the Confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett

October 27, 2020

RESOLVE will continue to fight for the rights of everyone struggling to build a family, no matter how high we have to take the fight. During the confirmation process of now confirmed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, RESOLVE worked with key members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to provide them with personal stories and connections to RESOLVE advocates who have experienced infertility and IVF. One personal story was shared during the hearing, and others were shared during press events with Senators. Senators wanted to showcase the lives of people who need IVF and how it might be impacted if a Personhood case reaches the Supreme Court in the future.

RESOLVE has opposed and fought Personhood bills and ballot initiatives since 2008. We have defeated all Personhood bills at the state and federal level by activating our network of grassroot advocates, physicians, and key leaders in our community

Let us be clear: RESOLVE is committed to ensuring that the standard of care needed to perform IVF remains legal in the U.S. We will be there to fight Personhood in any state capital and in the halls of Congress. We will call upon advocates to raise their voices and be heard.

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