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RESOLVE’s President/CEO Invited to the State of the Union

RESOLVE is pleased to announce that Barbara Collura, President/CEO for RESOLVE, is an invited guest to Thursday night’s State of the Union address. Collura was invited by her Congressman, Gerry Connolly (VA) in recognition of RESOLVE’s leadership for the infertility community.

“It’s an honor to represent RESOLVE and the entire family building community. Ever since the Alabama ruling which forced a suspension of IVF care, thousands of people have been speaking out all over the country to preserve its legality and accessibility. This is a moment where all branches of government and both political parties are talking about our issues. It’s important that we stand together and show our strength as a community,” said Collura.

RESOLVE believes the time is now to share the message that IVF is under attack and there are ways that Congress can help keep IVF legal and available in the US. We ask all who care about keeping IVF legal and available to send a letter to Congress and ask them to support the Access to Family Building Act and protect IVF in the US.