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RESOLVE recognizes World Childless Week 2023

RESOLVE understands that not all infertility/family building journeys end in parenting a child. RESOLVE wants to share our resources and those of a growing Childfree Not by Choice community to honor this awareness week. Stephanie Joy Phillips, a British woman, founded World Childless Week in 2017 . Since then, this online global event aims to raise awareness and support the childfree not by choice (cnbc) community.

RESOLVE is proud to recognize World Childless Week and is in awe of the Childfree Not by Choice Community for their bravery in sharing their stories through RESOLVE and other platforms, to raise awareness and provide a safe place for connection and support.  Every family building journey is unique, with decision points and unexpected twists and turns along the way.  By sharing our stories, we create a community that others can lean on and learn from.”

Barbara Collura, President/CEO for RESOLVE

RESOLVE honors this week by turning a spotlight to RESOLVE’s resources about childless living as well as highlighting resources from others. Join RESOLVE and two members of the RESOLVE and Childfree Not by Choice Community, Tracey Wilson and Linda Strano-Burton, for an Instagram Live discussion.

At this year’s Night of Hope, RESOLVE will honor Brandi Lytle, founder of the blog Not So Mommy…, for her social influence on this community.

During our ten-year infertility battle, I felt so alone. In 2014, after my husband asked if we could just accept our life as it was—childless—I once again felt very isolated. Before my husband vocalized his desire to stop trying, I knew it was probably time to let go of the dream of having a biological or adopted child. But I was fearful of living that unknown and unwanted life without kids.

I feel that it is vital for me to stay connected with the infertility community, including those still trying to conceive, because I know that some will reach “the in-between.” And for those whose mind knows it’s time to let go, but whose heart is having a hard time accepting… I want to help them feel less alone, being an example of living the “what is” joyfully, redefining, healing, moving forward, accepting, embracing… I want to assure them that they are NOT giving up. Quite the contrary, in fact! There is bravery in accepting the unwanted.”

Brandi Lytle

RESOLVE’s mission is to be there for all people who struggle to build a family and when that struggle comes to an end and the struggle begins to live without parenting children, we want people to know they are not alone—there is a community ready to embrace them.

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