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Republicans’ thorny path ahead on fertility policy

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Former Vice President Mike Pence’s recent support for fertility treatments like IVF as well as a national abortion ban surfaced what could become a dilemma for 2024 Republican hopefuls staking out reproductive health platforms.

The big picture: Republicans have largely insisted that fertility treatments aren’t at risk from the proliferation of new state abortion restrictions. But anti-abortion groups remain deeply concerned with the use of embryos in IVF and back tighter regulations on providers.

  • The divisions may create a thorny path for 2024 hopefuls intent on bolstering their anti-abortion bona fides while still hoping to differentiate themselves from the rest of the field.

Driving the news: “I fully support fertility treatments and I think they deserve the protection of the law,” Pence recently said on CBS’ Face the Nation, citing he and his wife Karen’s struggles with infertility. She underwent IVF several times, he said.

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