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Sarah E. Wilson, JD, MHA

Sarah E. Wilson Law Firm, PLC


P.O Box 377





Sarah strives to be compassionate in working with her clients through the many moving pieces in family building journeys. Sarah’s role is to help guide clients through the legal process so they can focus on the exciting moments of building their family. Sarah works with her clients to bring a client-focused, collaborative, and compassionate approach to legal representation. Sarah has experience in representing clients through many different types of journeys. In her adoption practice, Sarah has experience in agency adoption, private adoption, step-parent adoption, adult adoption, private and agency termination of parental rights, interstate adoption, amending birth certificates, and finalizing second-parent adoptions following surrogacy. In her assisted reproductive technology practice, Sarah represents intended parents, gestational surrogates, and donor clients in donor contracting, gestational surrogacy contracting, and establishing parentage.