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Jeanette Truchsess, LP, PhD


821 Raymond Avenue, Suite 240





Dr. Jeanette Truchsess is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice since 1991. She specializes in Reproductive and Maternal Mental Health issues. Dr. Jeanette assists clients during all stages of family building, pregnancy and postpartum. Having experienced her own infertility challenges, Jeanette is passionate about helping others navigate their journey with all the help and information possible. She provides educational consultations for clients using donor egg, sperm or embryos, and screens gestational carriers and intended parents. She works with adults on issues related to grief, anxiety, depression, shame, relationships, trauma, family of origin, workplace, spiritual concerns and life transitions. Dr. Jeanette teaches the Gottman’s Bringing Baby Home Program to couples to help them prepare for parenthood. She also taught Dr. Alice Domar’s Mind Body Program for Fertility for 10 years. Jeanette has been a volunteer for Resolve since 1995. She facilitated a monthly Resolve Support Group for 22 years, and has been a speaker and panelist at many annual Midwest Resolve conferences.