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Heather Ross, Esq.

Ross & Zuckerman, LLP


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Heather Ross co-founded the law firm of Ross & Zuckerman, LLP in 2005 to focus solely on legal issues surrounding assisted reproductive technology. Ms. Ross is past chair to the Legal Professional Group of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. She is also a member of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, a professional member of Resolve, Family Equality Council, The LGBT Bar, and a committee member of the American Bar Association’s Assisted Reproductive Technology Committee. Ms. Ross has represented thousands of clients in gamete donation, embryo donation and gestational surrogacy arrangements. She is a frequent lecturer and writer in the area of ART law and has presented numerous CLE courses to attorneys, medical professionals and law students practicing in this field. Heather is also a Village Trustee in her hometown of Northbrook, Illinois, where she lives with her spouse, and 3 teenage girls – all of which are the successful outcome of assisted reproductive technology.