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Natera, Inc.


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Natera is a worldwide genetic testing and diagnostics company that’s changing how doctors and patients manage genetic disease, and offers a suite of products and support services for IVF patients that address patients’ needs at different points throughout their IVF journey. From pre-implantation through pregnancy, Natera’s genetic screening and testing solutions provide highly accurate genetic information for those hoping to become or who are pregnant. Natera’s products, including the Horizon Carrier Screen, Spectrum Preimplantation Screening and Preimplantation Diagnosis, the Anora miscarriage test and Panorama, a non-invasive prenatal screening test, help to provide important genetic information to both patients and their physicians so that together, they can maximize the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy through the IVF process. Natera is committed to the fertility community, and offers a staff of genetic counselors to offer IVF patients and their doctors comprehensive support throughout the conception journey.