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Deborah Marshall, MA, LMFT


851 Fremont Ave., Suite 106







We take for granted we’ll be able to start our family when we want to. When we encounter difficulties and our plan doesn’t work, we start on a journey that includes doctors and procedures, as well as unimaginable losses and stress. Life, as we know it, changes.

My name is Deborah Marshall and my passion is working with individuals and couples facing challenges starting a family. I’ve been a licensed counselor (CA MFT#45836) since 2008. After navigating the maze of treatments and procedures, I became the mom of twins and have felt called to help those who struggle as they walk the path I’ve walked. I know the challenges you’re facing and I’d like to help you find the support you need to keep life manageable as you work toward building your family. Please contact me today at 408.689.8007 or