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Alexander Kucherov, MD

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Alexander Kucherov

Dr. Kucherov graduated from the University of Rochester with a BA in Political Science prior to attending the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. From there, with the Distinction in Research honor under his belt, he completed his residency and fellowship at Montefiore Medical Center and performed specific research on recurrent pregnancy loss, male factor infertility, and improved birth outcomes with preimplantation genetic testing (PGT).

In his medical school days, he always felt that reproductive endocrinology was the greatest form of physician care, helping people build their families. His passion for working with patients is a trait that comes naturally to Dr. Kucherov, the son of two physicians. His personal interests span sports, movies, and music, and he loves to be outdoors, hiking or going to a Yankees baseball game. As a person who loves this area, grew up close by, and has served this community for a number of years, he finds a personal connection with all his patients and supports, guides, and leads them along this journey.