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Danielle Kassouf, PsyD

North Berkeley Counseling


1521a Shattuck Avenue, Suite 201







Danielle Kassouf is passionate about providing quality mental health services to individuals and couples. Through her warm and active approach, clients are empowered to find self-compassion and reduce suffering. She encourages her clients to clarify their values and commit to living a more positive and balanced life. She incorporates a variety of evidence-based techniques based on your unique needs and your goals for therapy. These techniques may include cognitive behavioral, positive psychology, mindfulness, and values-based interventions. With therapy, many clients are able to find a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. In her own life, she tries to embody those values by practicing mindfulness and gratitude for the good in life.

Dr. Kassouf completed training at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), and with the counties of Alameda and San Francisco. She is grateful for this valuable knowledge and training- it informs my work every day!