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Lauren Haring, RN

Embrace Fertility


8611 Dearborn River Way





A fertility nurse since 2004, serving 16 years at a world-renowned clinic, Lauren brings a medical background and front-line experience most coaches don’t have. Clinics are often at capacity performing essential services which led her to create Embrace Fertility in 2019, bridging the gap between clinical and true integrative fertility support.

Have a better IVF experience with an IVF coach, who has been on both sides of the injections and ultrasound wands, and GETS it! I am here to guide and educate you, help you advocate for yourself, and calm your fears as you navigate each and every step of your IVF cycle.

1:1 Fertility Support sessions are available to discuss any and all of your fertility concerns and goals in a safe, non-judgmental space. We’ll talk about the ups, downs, and everything in between! You will feel nurtured, understood, and completely supported along your fertility journey.

I’m excited to learn how I can help you!