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Heather Haller, CPH, CH

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Heather Haller

Research has proven a healthy mind/body connection is essential to creating a fertile environment. Hypnosis in particular has demonstrated a powerful effect on IVF results. Creating a proper balance of purpose with receptivity is the key to success, whether you are trying on your own, using hormones, or using ARTs. My holistic hypnofertility program will serve you now and throughout your entire life with the ability to have confidence, balance, and positivity while creating a healthy, nurturing, welcoming womb for your baby-to-be. Heather Haller is a certified 3 Keys Hypnofertilitist, as well as a Certified Professional Hypnotist. Just as importantly, Heather is a RESOLVE success story, having walked the fertility journey herself, eventually becoming the mother of twins. Working with women throughout infertility, pregnancy, and childbirth is her calling and her way to share gratitude for her journey.