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Lexi Garber, MS, LCSW

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Lexi Garber

You are on an unwelcome journey and you are not alone in feelings of loss, isolation, stress, and uncertainty. In my private clinical practice, I have expertise and a special dedication to those managing fertility challenges. As someone with personal experience with infertility, I have deepened insight and understand the intricacies of this process. I work with individuals and couples using a tailored approach to support all aspects of the path to growing your family, from painful emotions, to the disconnect you may feel in your relationships, to pressing, difficult decisions before you. Together we will navigate towards your inner resources, gaining skills vital to bolstering wellness. Knowing the strength within shared understanding, I run a therapeutic group that blends psychoeducation, coping strategies, and processing. Whatever the space, you will find me warm, engaged, and deeply collaborative. I see your hurt and I also see your strength.

RESOLVE Professionally-led Support Group Leader