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Karin Feldman, LMHC, CCBT, NCC

Positive Fertility Private Practice


49 8th Avenue





Infertility is often ranked as one of the most distressing life crises for women and couples experiencing it. Unpredictable challenges encountered throughout the process to conceive a child, may evoke overwhelming stress and feelings of loss, anger, guilt and sadness. My infertility support therapy sessions are tailored to support all aspects of the individual or couple’s fertility journey. We process challenging feelings and decision-making processes, and collaborate on acquiring the tools that are vital to maintaining one’s wellness throughout this challenging process.I support individuals and couples to recognize and utilize their intrinsic resources: emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual, to overcome their fertility issues and realize their dream of becoming a parent.Once the actualization of parenthood arrives, I also work with individuals and couples to process and cope with adjusting to their new roles, the changing dynamic in their relationship, and the issues associated with new life as a parent.

RESOLVE Professionally-led Support Group Leader