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Monica Bivas

Monica Bivas is a fertility coach, speaker, author of the book The IVF planner, and founder of The IVF Journey, an online community for women and couples to find support, hope, and connection with other individuals contemplating or experiencing In Vitro Fertilization. She learned that she would be unable to conceive without medical intervention early in her marriage and went through 5 IVF treatments. Her first cycle was successful and is today her older daughter Eliyah, however her 2 cycle was canceled, her 3 cycle ended with the stillbirth of her baby daughter Isabelle at 39 weeks and her 4 cycle was a pregnancy loss at 7 weeks. She was determined to try one last time, but this time, she decided to approach her treatment with mindfulness and positivity. Her last round of IVF was an outstanding success, resulting in the birth of her second daughter Maya. She is a stepmom of a beautiful lady, Daniella, and married to her Israeli husband Shai. She is offering RESOLVE members a free fertility discovery call for anyone considering or doing. You can request it here: