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Vanessa Benzan-Monteiro, LICSW

Sustaining Hope and Wellness


529 Main Street, Boston, MA, USA





I feel so alone. Am I a disappointment? I feel like I am. To myself and others. No one gets it. I’m constantly misunderstood when I try to explain to my partner how I feel. Even when I look for help, no one looks like me. It’s so frustrating! I guess I can do this on my own anyway. I should be able to. You want your days to be less cluttered with worry. You deserve that. The occasional words and actions of understanding are definitely welcome. As a clinician of color, it is comforting to have someone to talk to that looks like you and gets it. Not only do I get how busy you are, but I also work to accommodate your lifestyle by offering online evening/weekend appointments for Massachusetts and Georgia residents! Schedule your first appointment at to get started!