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Luciana Baltatu Sr. RN, PhD

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Sao Jose dos Campos


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Luciana A. Campos Baltatu

LucyEduTech transcends the boundaries of a simple instructional platform for assisted reproductive medicine. Having personally undergone IVF to address infertility, I possess a profound understanding of the significant impact infertility may have on an individual’s life and emotional well-being. As a nurse with a Ph.D. in physiology and a postgraduate degree in molecular medicine, I educate individuals on fertility using a scientifically based approach to assisted reproductive technology. I share the knowledge I have acquired over the years with my clients, relying on evidence-based research, and offer comprehensive information on infertility. I provide my clients with the necessary tools and close assistance to make well-informed decisions on assisted reproductive technology procedures, enabling them to make optimal choices alongside their healthcare providers for their reproductive treatment.