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Our parenting blind spots: Ask an Expert

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Last week, we asked you to vote on a question to answer. The winner was:

If my health insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatments, what are my options?

“We know that lack of insurance coverage is the biggest barrier to care for those who need fertility treatments to build their families, but there are resources available to help you overcome this obstacle,” says Campbell.

Here’s where to start:

  • Expert support. Fertility clinics often have financial counselors on hand to advise on payment options, insurance coverage, and financial assistance programs, says Turocy. “Additionally, contacting your insurance provider directly can clarify coverage details and provide insight into out-of-pocket expenses,” she says. Your doctor can also weigh in on options based on your medical history and treatment needs.
  • Financing programs and grants. “Many fertility clinics provide discounted self-pay costs for fertility treatment,” says Turocy. Some clinics also offer financing options [like loans] or payment plans, she adds. Nonprofit grants could also help cover costs, says Campbell. Check out this list of 14 grants and scholarships you may qualify for.

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