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Opportunities In Fertility: Recognizing Gaps In The Market

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Executive Summary

Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ US CSO Elizabeth Garner talks to In Vivo about the future of fertility and where investment should be heading to make a dent in this multi-million-dollar market.

At a time when the biopharma industry is still suffering from the financing hangover of 2022, investment in women’s health is on the upswing.

While company founders, investors and scientists have been discussing the state of investment, or lack thereof, in women’s health for many years, it seems that the wider investment community has started to listen. Investors are seeing the benefit in financing women’s health, a benefit to not just women, but to healthcare providers, payers and descendants such as children.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, women’s health is on the “cusp of a major buildout.” Indeed, in 2022 private equity funds invested $3.3bn in US women’s healthcare companies, an all-time high. In 2021, that figure had settled at $800m, see Exhibit 1.

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