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New infertility definition could broaden coverage in Arkansas

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A revised, more expansive definition of “infertility” could lead to more help for hopeful LGBTQ+ or single parents in Arkansas, Axios’ Carly Mallenbaum writes.

Why it matters: The decision by an influential organization of reproductive health providers to redefine the condition could lead to broader insurance coverage of fertility services like egg freezing and in vitro fertilization for all people who need help starting families — not just heterosexual couples.

Context: Infertility was previously defined by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) as when a man and woman can’t get pregnant after a year of unprotected intercourse or intrauterine inseminationFor women 35 and older, the time period is six months.

The group’s revised definition also includes:

  • The inability to get pregnant because of the patient’s medical, sexual and reproductive history, age, physical findings and diagnostic testing.
  • The need for medical intervention, such as donor eggs or sperm, to achieve pregnancy.

Between the lines: The updated language applies to anyone who needs help having children, regardless of relationship status, gender identity or sexual orientation.

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