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New definition of infertility broadens to include LGBTQ+ community

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The American Society of Reproductive Medicine recently broadened their definition of infertility to be inclusive of single and LGBTQ+ people.

A change in one definition could make a life-changing moment possible for a hopeful parent. In the Byers-Brennan home, it’s loud, loving and busy.

Moms Emma Byers and Cam Brennan have two toddlers and a 5-month-old. Their family is still new and young, but the journey to get here has been hard and exhausting.

The couple paid nearly $20,000 out of pocket for intrauterine insemination. After nine rounds, Byers gave birth to twins.

For their third, Brennan still wanted to conceive.

“Our doctor told Cam, like, the likelihood of you conceiving this way is low. You’ll need to move to IVF if you want to carry,” said Byers.

“We weren’t in a financial position to do that because it’s close to $30,000 for one shot,” said Brennan.

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