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Model Iskra Lawrence Shares Her Struggle With Secondary Infertility: ‘I Didn’t Want To Come Across as Ungrateful’

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The British model and entrepreneur opens up about dealing with secondary infertility while trying to conceive her second child.

Iskra Lawrence, 33, recalls the conversations she had with boyfriend and songwriter Philip Payne when deciding that their son, Alpha, 4, was ready for a sibling.

“Philip was absolutely happy with one,” explains the Saltair founder. “I’m absolutely happy and grateful with one, but he very much was the only one in his friend group without a sibling. And I was just really more emotionally attached to this idea of us being in a family of four.”

But the British model didn’t expect the challenges she’d face when trying to conceive. Half a year flew by without a positive result. “When you’re trying to build your family, every month slips away,” she says. “You have to really do everything you can to not lose hope and to stay positive.”

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